Chord & Color

This body of work finds its inspiration in chord structures, tonal color, dynamics (pace) rhythmic punctuation. One navigates through an infrastructure of metronomic delineations by way of tempo, chord shapes, and color.  You hear/see a directive of expressive points:  here, silence, there, pause, now, back, next.   Using the syncopated beat found in jazz, the line engages in twists and loops that settle into a referent tempo offered by formal reference to blocks of chord harmonies emphasizing departure, resolution, and recapitulation. 

This work was featured in a performance and virtual exhibit at the Berklee College of Music in January, 2016 featuring original scores and performances by saxophonist Gail McArthur-Browne and violinist Helen Sherrah-Davies (both professors at Berklee College of Music) based on Jim Zingarelli’s Chord & Color paintings. This collaborative arts project fuses painting and composition, creating a uniquely integrated experience for the audience.